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Ultrasound during pregnancy in Kiev

Ultrasound is a modern research method that will allow you to safely visualize the condition of the fetus and internal organs of a pregnant woman

Ultrasonic Diagnostics in Kiev

- Diagnosis of the heart and blood vessels
- Modern diagnostics
- Study of internal organs
- Safe examination of the uterus, fetus

Monitoring the state of internal organs and diagnosing diseases at the present time can no longer be based only on indirect and empirical methods.

  • Ultrasound is absolutely safe for human health and is not associated with discomfort and pain during the procedure itself. Also, it has no restrictions for use during pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound is a reliable and safe diagnostic technology, thanks to which the doctor receives maximum information about the functioning of a number of internal organs.

Ultrasound is shown: in acute and emergency conditions, in the presence of complaints or signs of the disease from the internal organs, for differential diagnosis and diagnosis, to monitor the condition during treatment or remission, with a preventive purpose (included in the list of mandatory annual examinations after 40 years).

The ADEPT LELEKA center was created on the basis of the ADEPT center. We have been working since 2000.

Our diagnostic center was visited by more than 70 thousand people.

Specialists of the treatment and diagnostic center take an active part in the work of the Ukrainian Doppler Club and are members of the All-Ukrainian Association of Ultrasound Diagnostic Physicians.

Specialists of the ADEPT LELECA center attend medical innovation forums and regularly participate in international conferences on radiation methods for diagnosing diseases.


  • Unique equipment, not widely used in Ukraine

  • No exposure to ionizing radiation or other negative effects during the examination

  • For each visitor an individual approach

  • Early detection of various pathologies and their prevention

  • Short duration and at the same time high information content of research

  • Repeated studies to clarify the diagnosis, the dynamics of the disease and treatment control