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Medicines in pharmacies are designed to treat the disease in the early stages. If the disease is started, then these drugs will only harm the body, since everyone is guided by the identification and treatment of the disease in the early stages. It is better to cure the patient so that he is able to work.

Survey purpose

Why early diagnosis is needed - for example, various breast diseases. Our common goal with the patient is to identify the focus of disease before the onset of pain, that is, locally before spreading into the surrounding tissue and lymph nodes. This will save the age-related elasticity of the mammary gland, and sometimes the gland itself.

Sometimes patients are treated with kidney disease, and the source of the disease is in the thyroid gland. We correct the thyroid gland and cure kidney disease

Why do you need early diagnosis of thyroid diseases. The fact is that not a single medicine can so harmoniously replace those substances that the thyroid gland and their interaction excrete.

Why do you need early diagnosis of diseases in gynecology. To preserve, sometimes, restore fertility. And just to save a woman with her character, need, love.

In case of a change in circumstances - warn 1 day before admission.
Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the examination.

In case of emergency, out of turn patients are accepted:

  • uterine bleeding;
  • frozen pregnancy;
  • acute conditions of the abdominal cavity;
  • acute conditions in the abdominal cavity and pelvis.