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A new method of analysis of microvessels to identify and determine the nature of the disease, allows you to specifically examine the patient.

What the method reveals:

1. Oncopathology.

2. Hidden heart defects.

3. Hereditary pathology.

4. Inflammatory processes.

5. Hidden bleeding, trauma.

6. Pathology of pregnancy, pathology of the fetus.

7. Diseases and their complications in the early stages.

8. Damage to internal organs as a result of various injuries.

9. Hormonal changes. 


Preventive examinations

The absence of complaints and symptoms of the disease is not yet a reason for inaction regarding the maintenance of health. Doctors strongly recommend that all people over the age of 35 undergo preventive examinations. No less this applies to ultrasound, which allows you to identify various serious diseases in the early stages of development and effectively treat them before the onset of severe, often irreparable consequences.