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When examining the internal organs, one can evaluate not only their structure, the presence of pathological formations, but also the state of blood supply to the organs themselves and pathological foci, anomalies of the vessels supplying these organs, the presence of atherosclerotic plaques, aneurysms, ischemia, venous stasis.


When examining the mammary glands in women, especially in the presence of complaints, it is useful to check the thyroid gland, since a violation of its function very often enhances the manifestations of mastopathy and in many cases, mastopathy may be the first symptom of chronic autoimmune inflammation of the thyroid gland, which during normal external examination and palpation can be imperceptible.


Monitoring the growth and maturation of follicles in the ovaries and the dynamics of endometrial changes in different phases of the menstrual cycle. With a 28-day cycle, the examination is carried out on the 7th, 14th, 21st day from the beginning of menstruation.