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We conduct such a study as planned (at the 12th, 20th, 35th weeks) and in urgent conditions on the part of the mother and fetus at any time.

We do dopplerometry and the biophysical profile of the fetus with suspected hypoxia, fetal growth retardation, pregnancy complications (gestosis, rhesus incompatibility, concomitant diseases in a pregnant woman). The ultrasound machine is new and safe, both for the mother and the fetus. We look at the testimony at the same time, all the organs of the pregnant. We take a photo or video. For examination, a pregnant woman can take with her at the request of any person. Ultrasound of early pregnancy, or ultrasound - a pregnancy test will not only detect the presence or absence of pregnancy, but also establish its term, determine the pathology (frozen, ectopic, threatened miscarriage, the presence of detachment of the ovum, ovarian cysts, concomitant pathology of the pelvic organs, which was not detected earlier). Our equipment allows you to determine the heartbeat of the embryo from four weeks, which is important to maintain pregnancy and reproductive ability of women. We give consultations to the patient and doctors of related specialties.