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If pathological formations are found in soft tissues, internal organs, pathologically altered lymph nodes, their blood flow can be assessed using the SMI mode, which allows you to see small vessels with the slowest blood flow velocities, invisible under Doppler modes and make an idea of the likelihood of a malignant or benign pathology.

In gynecology and oncogynecology, you can see inguinal and retroperitoneal lymph nodes every three months, which can not always be done on an MRI or MSCT. Especially SMI ultrasound is useful for distinguishing between polyps and endometrial scars in gynecology. It is also good to watch the prostate in SMI mode, especially focal pathology and prostate adenoma. Indispensable SMI mode when examining the mammary and thyroid glands. Ultrasound SMI is little described on the Internet because it is a new diagnostic method. We give consultations to the patient and doctors of related specialties.